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Ambience Plus Technique

What's important in this type of spa experience?

Well, that's exactly it – what's important is the experience.

From our windows, we look out on the Manhattan skyline. And Manhattan is busy. Even in the movies, you can see masses of people going every which way – commuters, street vendors, and everybody else trying to get where they need to go in a densely urban environment.

All of that means that people are looking for ways to get away, take a break and enjoy themselves amid the hustle and bustle of Manhattan life. Or in other cases, they’re coming from other boroughs to experience excellent relaxation and therapeutic services in a place where they feel comfortable and welcomed. We’re committed to accommodating both crowds – and if you read the testimonials or talk to people in our neighborhood who have been in here, many of them would say we do it quite well!

The Ambience

We are design people. So on the one hand, we’re very much about creating an experience through demonstrating our ability to design our space well, and welcome you in. You'll see this design philosophy at work from the table covers to the desks and infrastructure that we used to run the office, and in everything in between.

You'll see it in our nicely renovated interior, and in the style and panache that we put into this therapeutic spa business. But that’s not all…


You also see it at work in our staff as they go about their days.

Simply put, in addition to having the best design in play, the best technique is also a primary driver of your experience in a spa! When professionals invest in learning the skills to offer thai massage, couples massage or anything else, they’re doing it partially for this reason.

When we were talking about this with one of our people last week, she pointed out that this idea, in our line of work, really should be a given.

“Of course,” she said, “you need people to be professional and thorough about the services they provide. It's not enough to just have window dressing – there has to be substance there.”

We absolutely agree, and that's part of the experience, too. So from that standpoint, you combine good design with good technique, and you're off to the races.

Take a look at the rest of the web site to see what we offer. Read about the massages and quick facials. You can read about how to prepare for a massage at our “At Your Booking” page. Or fill in our web form to get started. (You can also get a gift card for that special person in your life – hint, hint.) We want to see you here, in the heart of the Big Apple!

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